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Entrepreneurship is about starting and growing successful businesses. Those who are most successful are serial entrepreneurs, and their outcomes were achieved by learning from the people in their markets…not just from a book. StartPath is a completely unique way of starting and growing businesses, based on how serial entrepreneurs achieve success! To use StartPath simply understand each task before taking action to experientially learn and gain a greater understanding of your idea or business, then document what you learned. Then at the end of each stage meet with your coach to gain greater insights on how to start and build your business. Commitment to StartPath and the Coach you choose, will not only provide the guidance to take your idea to a revenue generating business, but it will also connect you with the resources, investors, mentors, publicity, and events you may need along the way. StartPath is challenging, but it directs entreprenuers to discover the necessary market information to be successful. StartPath is the fastest path to start and grow a successful business! It’s based on the process serial entrepreneurs use to start and grow the most successful businesses in the world. Good Luck! The entire community is ready to support YOU!

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